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Gamworth Agency

Anything. Anywhere.

Used Clothing, Rice, Sugar, Flour, Mixed Groceries, Alcohol, and more...shipped internationally

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 +61 408 099 059

Australian Buyers & Information Agents 

Anything, Anywhere.


Our Trading Department provides product sourcing, 

consolidation, and shipping services to over 142 countries. Some of the more popular products including used clothing, commodity items such as sugar, rice, flour, mix groceries, alcohol, used mobile phone/laptops, and much more.

Our supply service can includes for shipping, pre-shipment inspection, specialty projects, collection and sharing of information to facilitate accurate decision making, 

and much more.

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Who We Are

The Gamworth Agency is an Australian based specialty Buyers Agent. We act on behalf of discerning international clients who require a confidential and dependable service for the procurement of goods and services from Australia. Our business is based on value-adding, particularly during the COVID-19 period. As Buyer's Agents, we assist our clients in the sourcing and shipping of used-clothing, assorted food & wine, seafood, agricultural products, raw materials, plant & machinery, including the provision of specialist tasks. We have dealings in precious metals and other valuables, business establishment, Nominee Australian Director services, mail collection and so much more. We are your general Agent in Australia and act on your behalf in all capacities and performing all functions. Both private and business clients welcome.

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What We Do

Anything. Anywhere.

For those based outside of Australia, we buy products and services on your behalf, recommend solutions, consolidate, and ship worldwide. Whether you require a container load of used clothing, a mixed pallet, quick air freight, or a container load of the assorted products, we can tailor any order to meet your budget and timeline.

We also perform customized projects throughout Australia, ranging from specialist product sourcing to research & intelligence gathering, enabling our clients to make informed decisions. We can sit in on a meeting in Australia, be your "employee" at a worksite or attend where you are unavailable. 

Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work.

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Australian Wine, Beer, Spirits

Sourcing, Consolidation, Shipping


Mixed Australian Groceries

Sourcing, Consolidation, Shipping

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Research & Intelligence 

Information, Verification, Inspection

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Real Estate, Precious Metals/Stones, Valuables, Discreet Solutions

​Sourcing, Storing, Ownership, Agency

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Seafood, Grains, Cotton

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Australian Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

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Used clothing, shoes and general apparel

Sourcing, Shipping, Agency

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Machinery, Parts, Tools & Equipment

Sourcing, Shipping, Agency

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Suite 1a, Level 2                      PO Box 280
803 Pacific Highway              Gordon NSW 2072
Gordon NSW 2072                 Australia
Sydney, Australia



Direct: +61 (0) 408 099 059   Office: +61 (0)2 6190 0690




Fax: +61 (0)2 9844 5445

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