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Personal Sourcing Agent

Our mission is to provide a seamless experience for sourcing, consolidation, repacking, and shipping a wide range of products to over 142 countries.

  • Electronics

  • Solar powered equipment

  • Water tanks

  • Used Clothing

  • Australian Wine & Beer

  • Sugar, Rice, Cooking Oil, Grains

  • Products from all Australian retail / Wholesale outlets

  • Other items​

Here's how we can assist you:

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 +61 408 099 059

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Anything, Anywhere.

Gamworth Trading are your trusted sourcing agent. We specialise in purchasing products on your behalf and providing comprehensive consolidation and shipping services to over 142 countries!


Order from a single pallet of mixed items or large container loads. Product sourcing examples: Used Clothing, Sugar, Rice, Flour, Mixed Groceries, Australian Wine, Products from Department Stores, Electric Generators and Speakers, Oil, and Gas. 

What we do

Popular Product Categories 

Choose from our wide product range or contact us about bespoke produce sourcing. Whether you require a container load, a mixed pallet, or quick air freight, we can tailor any order to meet your budget and timeline.

Bulk commodity transfer of oil, gas, grains and general agricultural commodities, and specialist product sourcing also available.

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Australian Wine, Beer, Spirits

​Sourcing, Storing, Ownership, Agency

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Seafood, Grains, Cotton

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Australian Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

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Used Clothing, Shoes, General Apparel

Sourcing, Shipping, Agency

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Rice, Sugar, Flour, Cooking Oil, Milk Powder

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Speakers and Electrical

who we are

Who We Are

Gamworth Trading is an Australian based specialist sourcing and procurement company. With over 20 years of experience, we act on behalf of individual clients and businesses who require a confidential and dependable service for the procurement of goods and services. 

As a sourcing agent, we personally assist our clients in the sourcing and shipping of a wide variety of goods.


Whatever you need, we’ll source it! Contact us and let us know what you require - we'll offer you a competitive price and arrange the shipping for you.

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Tel: +61 (0) 408 099 059   




Tell: +61 (0) 408 099 059


Suite 1a, Level 13

465 Pacific Highway

Chatswood NSW 2067

Sydney, Australia


PO Box 280

Gordon NSW 2o72


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